Astrology and love compatibility by first names

When you meet a new person, you have many questions about your partner that you do not know very well. You would like to know more about his nature and his honesty.

The same occurs when someone you have just met proposes to you, you ask yourself about the real nature of his feelings.

To answer all of these questions, you just have to test your love compatibility.

Astrology compatibility

Thanks to the astrology and the study of planetary motions, you will obtain a description of your beloved personality. Astrology will reveal the consequences of these motions on the beings personality, and it will also reveal the compatibility between these two people.

We can describe the behaviours, the emotions, the orientations of people by testing their love compatibility. The fact of knowing better his partner can make your couple life easier.

To be more specific, astrologers think that the first name plays an important role on each one personality. Therefore, they can determine the compatibility between two people by studying their first names. Your first name reveals your true behaviour with all your weaknesses and qualities.

A full study can reveal the break points of each partner. These features will help you to solve the issues within your couple.

Do not hesitate, ask me the question during the consultation, I will be glad to test your love compatibility.

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