The key to a good relationship

A good relationship is based on two main features: To know how to communicate and to listen each other. These rules can apply for a sentimental, a friend or a professional relationship.

If one of these two qualities is missing, the relationship will fail.

It is essential and many people have already understood that, but it is often complicated for the others to have relationships and to keep it.

When communication is not possible within a couple, tensions tend to increase and it will cause some discussions. One tries to impose his/her ideas, while the other cannot give his/her opinion, and they come to a critical point in their relationship.

Why does it happen?

The big love

It deals with the lack of attention to your partner. It is necessary to listen to the other into a relationship. It is even essential. Of course there is a way to listen, it has to be frank and honest. You have to listen what your partner is trying to tell you, and not only pretend to listen or thinking to other things... In that way, the relationship will be concrete and solid.

However, to know how to listen does not mean approve everything that the other says.

It is important to give your idea after having let your partner talking, because you do not always agree. You always have to let him/her talk till the end, even if you disagree and if you want to end the discussion. This is a mark of respect towards this person, even included a proof of love.

A relationship is an experience between two people, and it is not advised to impose your opinions without really listening to your partner. In that case, it would be a relation of power and this is not good for the future of a relationship.

To know how to listen is not an easy thing and can take a long time, but if you consider your relationship is worth it, it is useful to manage to do it with your partner, but also with your family and your colleagues.

A good and sincere listening will develop the exchanges and the relations into a relationship.

Tensions will decrease, even disappear and you will understand better each other.

This the key to happy and stable relationship.

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